Concurrent Session 4A: Special session: ECS Session 1: Identifying and Addressing Gaps in OSH Practice



Moderator: Jessica Streit, PhD, MS, CHES
Co-Moderator (Q&A coverage): Sarah Felknor, MS, DrPH

Speakers: Kevin Moore, PhD, MBA; Raul Astete, MD; Rosandra Daywalker, MD; Jennifer Laine, DrPH

Description: This session will feature research by early career scientists (ECS) and graduate students, aimed at identifying perceptions, competencies and training related to the promotion of worker well-being. 

Learning objectives: At the end of this session, participants will be able to: (1) describe at least one example of research on measuring OSH professional and/or employer perceptions of workplace well-being and wellness programs and interventions; (2) describe at least one example of innovative training curriculum that introduces Total Worker Health to OSH professionals; (3) critique current approaches to OSH professional understanding of employer roles in workplace wellness and well-being; (4) discuss opportunities and barriers to the incorporation of early career scientists and graduate students in interprofessional OSH research.