Plenary 2: Future of Work: Partnerships, Perspectives, Policy and Practice



Moderator: Faiyaz Bhojani, MD, DrPH, FACP, Business Health Leader, Global Manufacturing and Upstream Americas, Regional Health Manager, Americas Shell Health

Panelists: Victor Stretcher, PhD, MPH; Adam Glauberg, BS; Ramya Chari, PhD; Chris Cain, BS, CIH

Description: This session is centered on how future changes in the nature of work should shape both policy and employer interventions and practices aimed at securing worker well-being.

Learning objectives: At the end of this session, participants will be able to: (1) describe the impact of future of work on how employers shape policies to achieve worker well-being while maximizing productivity; (2) describe at least two examples of effective workplace interventions to promote worker well-being; (3) identify gaps and needs in the design and implementation of workplace interventions to promote worker well-being; (4) discuss current barriers to effective workplace interventions that seek to promote worker well-being while maintaining or improving productivity.