Virtual Book Launch - Reinventing Live: The Always-On Future of Events

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Special Session


Raise a glass and celebrate the book launch of Reinventing Live: The Always-on Future of Events, the must-read for all #eventprofs in 2021! 

Forget the traditional one-off, in-person event. Welcome to a new world, where event organizers no longer see themselves solely as organizers; their role today and tomorrow is to facilitate - business, connections, education, and advocacy. 

Events are about building communities and nurturing customer relationships 'all year round' - with the smart use of event technology at its core. So much so, digital platforms with already highly engaged communities are adding events as a seamless extension of their services. With more competition, it is imperative organizers help change the mindset of their organizations. Are they in the business of events or value-adding community catalysts?  

Answers and more in the book.

Order your copy now for you and your team: and tell us  lessons you learned from the book. 

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