Strengthening the coordination of the European response to the Ukrainian crisis

Forum sessions


Co-organised by the European Commission & the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Humanitarian needs are immense and increasing by the day in Ukraine. Challenges of IHL, access, logistics, delivery and coordination of aid and transfer of funds must be overcome in order for the European solidarity to effectively reach the populations in urgent needs. The Commission and the Member States have set up a "Team Europe" approach since the early days of the crisis to address these challenges.

On the basis of the response put in place over the last 20 days, this meeting will focus, on concrete issues of humanitarian access to the Ukrainian territory and key bottlenecks in the logistical organization of this aid. It will discuss concrete approaches and list pragmatic options to respond to the fast changing and highly volatile situation on the ground. It will address financial, technical/operational and practical issues such as "hubs" and the different ways of channelling all manifestations of solidarity (from public and private sectors and also the local authorities) in order to allow effective aid to the beneficiaries.