Partnership and resources - a conversation on roles and alternative funding models for localisation

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Humanitarian Talks


The need for a more locally driven and owned humanitarian system is well recognised. Changing roles of northern based NGOs and international humanitarian actors, a change of mindsets and empowered local actors are the basic condition for transforming the system. Equal partnership models and access to quality funding are crucial aspects to enable local actors to lead humanitarian response in their communities on their own terms.

This Humanitarian Talk seeks to showcase concrete examples of how humanitarian actors are engaging in more equal partnerships, ensure inclusive decision-making, and address some of the financial and legal barriers to deliver flexible and accessible funding tools. This session will highlight the Programme “Towards Greater Effectiveness and Timeliness in Humanitarian Emergency Response (ToGETHER)” as well as the Survivor and Community-led Crisis Response (SCLR) approach to offer inspiration for other humanitarian organisations and donors.