Multi sectoral needs assessments a best practice on joint and impartial needs assessment: a significant progress towards the Grand Bargain

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The improvement of joint and impartial needs assessments has been a core priority of the humanitarian community, who has formalised this concern with a commitment to strive towards needs assessments that are impartial, unbiased, comprehensive, context-sensitive, timely and up-to-date. In order to promote efforts toward this goal, REACH has been working extensively to support the implementation of Multi-sectoral Needs Assessments (MSNAs) across different humanitarian crises, and to ensure that these crucial primary data collection exercises meet high quality standards. This session will review progress made on MSNAs in the last five years, including their contribution to GB Commitment 5 on joint needs assessments. It will daw lessons learned from country case studies and discuss the future direction of crisis-level response planning and the key areas of focus for evidence-based needs analysis in the coming years.