Discussion on accommodation, working space and other facilities for aid workers in humanitarian crises

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Are the current solutions that are offered to humanitarian workers, particularly following sudden-onset emergencies, sufficient? If not, could the European Humanitarian Response Capacity play a role? Offering accessible and convenient working and living spaces to partners when a humanitarian crisis occurs can ease and speed up the delivery of humanitarian aid. Under the EHRC, work is taking place to propose a capacity to set-up an EU Compound whenever and wherever needed to provide a practical and easy way for partners to find living and working spaces when the context requires it. DG ECHO is proposing to offer this capacity in the early phase of a humanitarian crisis, working along with MS and other European states which are specialized in this capacity (DK, SE, NO). Preliminary discussions and analysis show that this capacity could ease humanitarian deployment as logisticians from partners could focus on support to operations. It would also reduce these related costs and facilitate information sharing and coordination. This discussion will present what DG ECHO could offer, and will seek views from experts in the audience.