Delivering better together – diaspora actors and the humanitarian ecosystem

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Humanitarian Talks


Research on and engagement with diasporas has shown that diaspora organizations are multi-sectoral, fast responding actors who work transnationally, supporting their countries of origin. Having a connection and understanding of their country of origin or heritage and local context plays a vital role in humanitarian assistance where diaspora organizations often are part of the first response in the aftermath of a disaster. They are also key actors when it comes to raising the alarm in times of crisis. Supporting diaspora as part of a broader humanitarian ecosystem play a key role in humanitarian responses and contributes to a better delivery by increasing the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of humanitarian responses. This talk will present the key findings and lessons learned from DEMAC case studies and real-time reviews of diaspora humanitarianism: who are diaspora humanitarian organizations? and what are key added values of diaspora actors and their humanitarian responses?
DRC, Diaspora Emergency Action & Coordination (DEMAC)