Collaboration for cash voucher assistance delivery in increasing Crisis Complexities

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Humanitarian Talks


The Humanitarian Talk will be introduced by DG ECHO Director Andreas Papaconstantinou. The session will be the opportunity to formally launch DG ECHO Thematic Policy Document No 3 on Cash Transfers. The objectives/ expected outcomes of the session are to share: • NGO best practice and challenges on harmonization of CVA delivery that is collaborative and impactful amidst increasing complexity of crisis (conflict, COVID-19, climate change impact, nexus and local actor strengthening) • Recommendations from affected people’s and civil society perspectives – collaboration to drive towards harmonized approaches and preconditions for impactful financial resilience The session format will ensure interactive and diverse opportunities for engagement, best practice sharing and discussion of key challenges, propositions to address these in reflection of DG ECHO’s Thematic Policy Document N°3 on Cash Transfers and CCD members’ experiences and value-add to forge better.
Collaborative Cash Delivery Network (CCD)