Delivering together: integrated school health and nutrition approaches for education in emergencies and protracted crises

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Effective assistance at the nexus is especially important for children whose nutrition, education and health are disproportionately affected by protracted crises. A failure to provide support for children can perpetuate cycles of crisis, poverty and migration and reduce hopes for long term development. Integrated school health and nutrition measures contribute to breaking down barriers to children’s education, especially for girls, children living in fragile contexts and emergencies, children living in poor households and rural areas and children living with disabilities. These programs work and are most effective when delivered in coordinated ways among partners and sectors. This session will promote a dialogue about the safety, education and wellbeing of school-age children in crisis affected countries; provide concrete examples of joint action between humanitarian actors tackling the education and hunger crisis; and identify needed actions to expand support and financing to reach those that need it the most.

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