Bruker IVDr Quantification in Urine: B.I.QUANT-UR 1.1


With our new version B.I.QUANT-UR 1.1, routines and validation parameters have been improved and enables now more positive hits. Indeed, the raw concentrations are accessible independent on the LOD and additional quantification result assessment information have been made available in order to be able to judge on quantification reliability. Fully automated quantification in urine is available on the IVDr platform in 3 versions B.I.QUANT-UR basic: 50 endogenous metabolites B.I.QUANT-UR extended: 150 metabolites, thereof the 50 endogenous (contained in the basic version) and additionally 100 disease markers, age range from 6 month to adults B.I.QUANT-UR neonate extended: 150 metabolites as in the extended version however selective for newborns, in addition a classification against a healthy normal model of newborns is included (For research use only)