Bruker IVDr-Platform BioBank Tool


NMR analysis is a sensitive and specific tool for biobank QC. As it is also completely standardized, it strongly supports the high need for standardization in biobanks. A biobank should only contain high quality specimens to justify the storage cost. It is vital to be able to have as much information on each aliquot as possible to avoid any wrong conclusions in biobank based clinical trials or research studies. The IVDr Biobank tool generates 36 parameters e.g. for urine QC, it checks for wrong labeling of samples, for unreported drug treatment, high protein content in the urine and fasted or non-fasted state, just to mention a few. In addition to the QC part, NMR can deliver added value for the biobanks. Whenever a QC test is done through the IVDr platform, a spectrum is available, that can also be transferred to the biobank metadata. Having spectra allows to run the quantification tools ( B.I.LISA and B.I.QUANT-PS 2.0 for plasma/serum and B.I.QUANT-UR for urine) and the results thereof can be added to the biobank as well. The potential of this can be imagined easily, when multiple biobanks work along the IVDr SOPs and store spectra and quantification results, as these data are completely standardized and can be exchanged with other biobanks worldwide. Quantification results are available as follows and can be ordered as package together with the B.I.Biobank-Tool Plasma/serum: B.I.LISA lipoprotein parameters including subclass information B.I.QUANT-PS Small molecule quantification Urine: B.I.QUANT-UR basic 50 small molecule endogenous metabolites B.I.QUANT-UR extended 150 small molecules endogenous + disease markers (children + adults) B.I.QUANT-UR neonate extended 150 small molecules endogenous + disease markers (newborns) + non-targeted statistical classification result compared to healthy newborn model (For research use only)