Bruker IVDr Methods: B.I.Methods 2.0


As you are surely aware, there is a strong need for standardization, guaranteeing highest spectral performance, reproducibility and transferability of routines used. This defines, what our level 2, the B.I.Methods 2.0 has to ensure. The following features are integral part of the procedures Preanalytics Advice on sample collection, storage and transfer to magnet SOP for sample preparation for 3 and 5mm tubes Spectral properties Generated under fully automated data acquisition and processing conditions Flat baseline without any offset High quality signal suppression for water and methanol at low presaturation power 90 degree pulse and presaturation power are adjusted for every sample, the latter making sure, if integral correction factors are need for signals close to solvent lines being suppressed, they are always the same Automatic transfer of optimized parameters to the 2D-Jres experiment done on every sample Residual solvent signals are always in phase with all non-suppressed signals Automatic phase correction works without errors Daily QC samples to ensure integral calibration, absolute temperature and solvent suppression are correct and integral value for 1 proton is stored in the dataset QC reports for every sample Based on the spectra obtained with B.I.Methods 2.0 (available on Avance III HD or Avance Neo with Windows Operating System), the following enablings Tools (Layer 3) can be applied (For research use only)