HPC Education & Training - Perspectives from EU13 Member States Part 2

Friday, March 26, 2021 2:00 PM to 3:10 PM
FocusCoE Sessions
Session Chair: Simon Wong


  •  Panel - Perspectives from EU13 Member States Part 2

- Moderator: Simon Wong

- Session speakers:  consisting of representatives of all EU13 Member States including individual talks, live Q&A moments and a panel discussion  

  • Wrap-up & Farewell

HPC as a strategic tool to increase European competitiveness entails investment not only in infrastructure, applications and R&D, there is also a strong need to invest in skills development of the labour force underpinning the ecosystem. As EuroHPC realises the emergence of new HPC systems and national competence centres across Europe, there is a growing need to examine how HPC skills development activities will co-evolve. This workshop focuses on the HPC education and training landscape among the EU13 Member States, with individual talks on existing programmes, target communities and industries, and future perspectives. It will be of general interest to HPC education and training stakeholders in learning more about an important part of the European ecosystem which will translate into better planning of future skills development initiatives.