Interview: In the Spotlight - Catalysing the green economy for SMMEs

Thursday, June 10, 2021 2:15 PM to 2:25 PM
Digital Event 2021


In 2020 initiate did a session entitled: How to attract investment opportunities for South African SMMEs working in the green economy.In this session we introduced the Green Outcomes Fund which was at the time a newly formed fund, in partnership between the National Treasury and Green Cape.  The Green Outcomes Fund aims to achieve clearly defined green outcomes, encourage greater capital allocation to green businesses by local fund managers, and catalyse increased and higher quality, consistent, reporting of green impacts.  This fund of funders incentivises local fund managers to increase investment in green small and growing businesses (SGBs) by paying for green-oriented outcomes, such as green job creation, climate mitigation and improved water and waste management. 

Let us revisit this conversation with the CFO of GreenCape who is also a Green Outcomes Fund advisory committee member.  Megan Van Vlaanderen 


  • Megan Van Vlaanderen, CFO, GreenCape, South Africa