Energy Transition Challenges and Pathways to Grid Resilience at Scale

Thursday, May 27, 2021 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM


Join us to learn from three speakers on different aspects of Grid Resilience and field-proven solutions able to scale.  

Allan Kamba, Head of Network Plant and Systems at Umeme Limited, the largest distribution utility in Uganda will share current and emerging challenges – including grid reliability and resilience – and the technology they plan to leverage to address some of the challenges – including ongoing projects and planned projects. Allan will talk about how they are facing network constraints, old networks, limited remote controllable devices, difficult fault finding, harsh environments, weather events, growing customer needs and continuously adding new customers to an already constrained grid, all within a strict regulatory environment. 

Frédéric Wauquiez, Solution Director, REN/DER Orchestration at GE Digital's Grid Software will discuss how Renewables and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are jeopardising every good old electrical grid engineering paradigm. Therefore, securing grid resilience requires a very sharp understanding of what these new devices are, where they are, what is their current status and generation/consumption as well as their availability for dispatch. Also, because of the intermittent behavior of these new devices, anticipating what they will generate and consume in the coming minutes hours and days is paramount to alleviate grid operator stress when facing strong dynamics, and to enable some control levers which need to be activated or reserved in advance - including DER themselves! 

Guru Pai, Solution Architect, Advanced EMS at GE Digital's Grid Software will discuss how power system operators and network / asset owners are trying to improve power system security while increasing power transfer levels and tracking power system performance in an increasingly variable and complex system. The utilities find it challenging to measure, predict and control network behavior as needed with the ever changing grid. A new generation of synchronized data acquisition and streaming data processing solution provides end-to-end (from substation to control room), visibility and tracking of power system dynamics and stability metrics. It helps with the situational awareness of these dynamics in the control room and provides ways to respond very quickly and automatically in the field. 

New real-time Analytics like Linear State Estimator and Effective Inertia are dramatically improving the way grid is operated. With applications like Dynamic Model Validation and Calibration, the plant owners and grid operators can now use the data to better predict the dynamic behavior in many more situations. 

Key Learnings:  

  • A customer's view on the importance of asset data and information in planning & decision making. A single, accurate, complete and consistent view of an asset through its lifecycle.   
  • A customer's view on the need for standardization to support the integration of technologies.   
  • Front runner utilities views on Renewables & DER challenges and the related modeling, situation awareness, forecasting and scheduling across Transmission & Distribution.   
  • High fidelity, synchronized phasor data measurements enable visualization and awareness of evolving grid conditions   
  • Data driven capabilities help improve the decisions made by operations & planning teams   
  • Using clear understanding of system states and stability conditions to improve the operability and transfer capacity    
  • Improving the dynamic models that will enable better predictions and what-if analysis   
  • Increasing reliance of network without increasing operating cost even with large renewable energy penetration 


  • Claire Volkwyn, Head of Content, Enlit Africa 


  • Allan Kamba, Head of Network Plant and Systems, Umeme Limited   
  • Frédéric Wauquiez, Solution Director, REN/DER Orchestration, GE Digital's Grid Software   
  • Guru Pai, Solution Architect, Advanced EMS at GE Digital's Grid Software