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eyezon is the world’s first on-demand social shopping ecosystem that connects, in real time, e-commerce shoppers with retail sales agents, friends and family or even product and category experts. We provide a personalized shopping experience that recreates the physical store and human connection via live streaming sessions. Welcome and connect your customer online with the same efficiency as if they would walk into your store.  

  • easy & safe setup. A simple piece of script embedded into your product pages or any type of advertising formats. 
  • scales on the fly. You have access to a full real-time analytics on how the service is used, quality control alerts, how well it performs, and actionable insights source for further sales improvement. 
  • new media for trade marketing. Impactful way for your vendors to engage with the customers both offline and online.

It's a service and products with proven results that demonstrate our ability to match e-com with physical stores conversions.

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