*REPLAY* Protection of Intellectual Property in Africa - increasing SMEs competitiveness in a continental market

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Organised by AfriPI

During this seminar, our speakers will discuss how IP can help increase competitiveness of SMEs, looking into the challenges of Intellectual Property, IP for business, the importance of protection with a case study by an African SME and getting free advice on IP through the newly born African IP SME Helpdesk.


  • Esther Huerta Garcia, Programme Officer, AfrIPI


  • Gaelle Doleans, DG INTPA
  • Nancy Samuriwo, IPR Expert, AfrIPI
  • Guy Pessach, Director IP and Business Division, WIPO
  • Dr. Gorden Mabuyaye, Head Research & Development, Seed Co Limited
  • Mrs Beata Suwala- Africa IP SME Helpdesk coordinator- AfrIPI
Workshops & Seminars
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Pan African Opportunities

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