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Hatched in 2018 + sold out in both 2018 + 2019, MAD//Fest is the new, award-winning kid on the block in marketing, advertising + disruptive tech events. We’ve left humdrum traditional events behind by embracing a disruptive business model + establishing a completely MAD way of connecting people. Like many good ideas, MAD//Fest came to fruition in a pub. A motley crew of marketers, start-ups, disruptors, tech types and media folk started talking about events over a few beers. Wouldn’t it be good if there was an event that actually brought together the great and the good? Something that packs a punch with no-nonsense, relevant content? A space where people can have a bit of fun rather than fall asleep in the back row? And so, three pints in, MAD//Fest was born. We believe in making an event that people want, not force feeding the same tired trade show format on people who want more value for their time and money. This means bucketloads of inspiring content and thousands of cherry-picked industry influencers to meet and feast on new ideas, relationships and partnerships.
Company Type DMEXCO 2021
Partners & Brands DMEXCO 2021 and Digital Spring Summit

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