New Frontiers of Data Targeting for Publishers



Both buyers and sellers are facing an unfamiliar frontier. Privacy norms are changing, cookie deprecation is looming and ad tech is evolving faster than ever. Whether it’s through new targeting methods like contextual and attention, the introduction of clean rooms to share data, or technology solutions that bridge the measurement divide, teams are rethinking what’s needed to drive ad performance, and renewed partnerships are at the center of it. 

Join DV and other publishers as we examine the new possibilities and potential impact of various targeting signals gaining traction in the industry.

  • What are advertisers looking for in privacy-friendly targeting data and capabilities?

  • What are the possibilities when targeting goals and measurement are aligned between buyers and sellers?

  • How must technology and relationships change to improve alignment?

  • Can neutral verification technology bridge the gap as a tool used by both sides?


In this masterclass, we’ll discuss how these questions can lead to experimentation that reduces inventory waste and improves revenue

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