ACOUSTIC COMFORT HAS A RIGHT OF WAY In the development of electric vehicles, new vibroacoustic phenomena come to the fore due to the elimination of the combustion engine as the dominant noise source. At the same time, operational noises from electrically driven additional components as well as auxiliary units, control modules and operating elements become audible with less exterior noise. Excitation by electric engines takes place at higher frequencies. This requires an early acoustic and vibration evaluation for an accurate targeting of the components as well as new measurement positions or approaches for recording the rotational speed. THE BASE OF PROGRESS By default, PAK captures high-resolution currents, voltages and rotational speeds as well as all NVH sensor-related signals. It also supports resolver sensor technology. The relevant signals from digital buses (CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay™ or EtherCAT(R)) are acquired synchronously in time. PAK MKII and MicroQ frontends can be used in EMI-loaded environments. With a powerful toolbox for the evaluation of E-machine-specific signals, PAK 6.x offers the tools for the further development of e-mobility in addition to the extensive standard functions in the acquisition and analysis of physical data. Correlations of electrical quantities and NVH quantities are thus possible. STANDARD ANALYSES Blocked Analyses (FFT, CPS, APS) Orders (Order-FFT, Kalman) 3rd Octave filter Angle-related Analyses Rotational and torsional vibration Statistics in the time range Dynamic Balancing Analysis of PWM signals TOOLBOX FOR E-MOBILITY The focus of our E-NVH toolbox is the investigation of orders and orders shifted by pulse width modulation. These can be viewed individually or summed up. Thereby methods of the classical FFT analysis and also the more precise digital order tracking are supported. Of interest is the energy content in the order, which occurs in electric machines at higher frequencies. It is crucial for the analysis of PWM or
Muller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme Inc.With more than 50 years of excellence in acoustics, vibration and strength, Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme provides versatile solutions with uncompromised dynamic data recording, monitoring, analysis and handling. Our tight partnership with the industries together with our acknowledged engineering expertise results in path breaking solutions. These solutions seamlessly integrate into laboratory, production and field environments. The PAK SYSTEM is focused on the interpretation of dynamic and static parameters for the experimental test market. Users benefits from modular and scalable measurement frontends, advanced signal conditioning combined with superior data handling capabilities, standalone measurements with redundant data storage, synchronization over PTP, GPS or fiber-optic cable and one system for laboratory and mobile applications. PAK is a strong partner for e-Mobility, all NVH tasks, and digitized validation. Innovative technologies and its component-driven design step up the efficiency and performance of processes when validating, setting the path for a digital transformation. Included in our analysis portfolio is standard analyses (FFT, nth Octave and more), sine reduction, true fractional octave analysis, structural analysis, rotational analysis, classical acoustics, acoustic control, shock response spectra, exterior noise, psychoacoustics and more.  A strong automated reporting, powerful graphics engine and solid cloud-based data management complete the PAK system. Our cloud services connect data sources and applications. PAK users are supported by a worldwide network of subsidiaries and partners underlying the deep relationship we share with our customers.