WATCH ON-DEMAND: Initiate: How do you kick start your career in the African power and energy industry?

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa Agenda
Digital Dialogue


We believe in the future of the energy sector. However, we also understand the global pandemic has had an effect on job creation, with many projects placed on hold because of the impact of COVID-19.

Students are hopeful for the future but would also like to know the facts about what is happening in the energy sector with regards to job creation and the employment rate. Many students do not know about all the opportunities available to them when it comes to graduate programmes, furthering their studies or what various universities offer in terms of

mentorship etc.  

We believe the overarching theme of kick starting your career in the African power and energy industry encompasses the challenges and hopes of students while highlighting the realities and opportunities of the sector.  

Interview with Priyesh Gosai- Principal, Scientific Officer ATProM Research Unit- UCT, Eskom Specialsation in Energy, Efficiency, Department of Mechanical Engineering, South Africa

Interview with Professor Wikus Van Niekerk-Dean, of the faculty of Engineering-Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Panel discussion  

  • Which companies are recruiting graduates? What is the advice for students and graduates?   
  • What skills are companies currently recruiting for?   
  • What role can public utilities and state owned enterprises play in the country’s employment record?   
  • What advice can project developers give for working with the community and sourcing labour locally?


Claire Volkwyn, Content Manager - African Utility Week, Clarion Events, South Africa


  • Christian Zulberti -Head of Global Relations with Universities and Research Centers, Enel Foundation, Italy   
  • Ben Matai, Vice President : Human Resources, Sasol, South Africa   
  • Aleksandr Kormishin, Chairman, BRICS YOUTH, Energy Agency,

  • Samson Masebinu, Open Africa Alumni, Johannesburg University, South Africa