WATCH ON-DEMAND: Water: Public-Private Partnerships as an alternative procurement methodology

Thursday, November 26, 2020 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa Agenda
Digital Dialogue


Many countries experience water insecurity which has a significantly negative impact, up to -6%, on annual GDP ratios. It is suggested that the public sector use alternative procurement methodologies to tap into private sector technical- and financial resources. In this way governments can continue playing an oversight role ensuring service delivery across income groups.

At the same time the public sector procures integrated financial- and asset management that contributes to the optimisation of value for money (VfM).

As governments continue seeking new finance mechanisms to remedy water services, the public sector is increasingly making use of the private sector to deliver water solutions to its utilities. PPPs, in essence are long term performance-based contracts.  

  • What has been the experience of the public sector in Africa with individual PPPs? How many water PPPs are operational in Africa?  
  • Should governments develop Integrated Water PPP Programmes, similar to the Independent Power Producer Programmes (IPPs) to adress the water and sanitation challenges?  
  • What does a developing countries do, if it wants to start an IWP-Programme?


Andre Kruger, CEO, PPP Training, South Africa


  • Mojaki Mosala, Senior Manager: Legal Services, City of Mbombela, South Africa  
  • Ntshambiwa Moathodi, Project Lead: WWTP PPP, Water Utilities Corporation, Botswana  
  • Bakumbudzi Othusitse, Projects Engineerm WWTP PPP, Water Utilities Corportation, Botswana  
  • Tumelo Gopane, Managing Director, Erkululeni Water Care Company, South Africa