Solving Bias in the Digital World


The advent of digital - most notably social media - has led to the globalisation of the world and turned us into a single community online. This proposition holds infinite scope for good but the idea of 'one community' is held back by bias, a system of prejudice and unfair leaning that continues to play a role in society and culture. This has impacted and influenced the systems that govern the digital world - from platforms to algorithms to content and conversation - and jeopardises the idea of how digital can truly be inclusive enough to represent a truly global community online.

In this session, specialist commentators from the world of digital, diversity & inclusion, tech and behavioural science will unpack the issues around bias in the digital world and discuss ways in which we can manage these issues and make digital a more diverse and inclusive space that is better prepared for the world in which we live today.


  • Julian Obubo, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Manifest 
  • Lee Benecke, Digital Director at Manifest 
  • Dr Pragya Agarwal, Behavioral Scientist and Author 
  • James Stafford, Head of Partnerships and Community at TikTok


Jamie Klingler, Managing Director of Incite Global and Founder of Creative Influence Alliance

Session format
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