United We Stream, StreamGM and the legacy of lockdown live streaming


From the team that brought the brilliant, multi-award winning United We Stream project to Manchester and beyond, StreamGM is a new ethical streaming service that showcases amazing creative talent from Greater Manchester.

Driven by a love of music, art and culture and a desire to get the biggest audiences for the best talent, StreamGM creates and curates unforgettable live events with a unique approach to engaging local and global audiences.

Chair: Sacha Lord GM Night Time Economy Adviser and founder of Parklife and The Warehouse Project


  1. Graeme Park DJ/Producer - founder of Hacienda Classical and Hacienda Recordings
  2. Lutz Leichsenring - Co-initiator of the global United We Stream network and Berlin Club Commissioner 
  3. Marie-Claire Daly - culture lead at Greater Manchester Combined Authority
  4. Tom Besford - Chief Executive of English Folk Expo
  5. Rebecca Swarray - founder, curator and resident DJ of the events and arts collective, RebeccaNeverBeck 
  6. David Agnew - Artistic Director, The Met

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