We are local. Our Locafy technology is designed for local businesses to get found locally faster. Everything we do is guided by our mission to help local businesses succeed. Locafy simply enables business owners to set up a local search strategy that delivers results within weeks rather than months at a price that makes sense.

As with anything great, Locafy’s technology has had quite the journey. First starting as a website developer platform, our technology was built with unique features and a patented technology that helped speed up the website creation process. The web pages developed on the platform boast load times that are 2x faster than 99% of web pages out there, voice optimisation, and six other technical SEO tasks that are automatically enabled without tedious extra work.

Over time, we realised our landing pages offer something every local business needs: a way to quickly get found in the neighbourhoods that matter and deliver results that help the business grow.

We are local. We power local business findability with a winning combination of speed to results, metrics that matter, and ease of use for local businesses around the world. It’s time to Locafy your business.


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