Panel: "Rural development funding by the Diaspora"

Thursday, October 28, 2021 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM
Panel Discussion
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Panel discussion led by IFAD 


·  Mamadou Ndao, investment officer, I&P France 

·  Alhaji Allie Bangura, Founder & Member of the Board of ADAN, Germany  

·  Claire Neuschwander, Le Cabinet RMDA, France

·  Nabou Fall, CEO, Vizeo, Côte d´Ivoire 
Moderator: Frederic Ponsot, Remittances and Financial Inclusion Specialist, Financial Facility for Remittances, Policy and Technical Advisory division, IFAD 

"Have impact in their home countries with a mix of social and financial returns: that’s what African diasporas largely call for, but in a different way according to the generation they belong to or their ability to take financial risks .Explore different innovative funding models for diasporas who wish to contribute to economic development opportunities there : this is what the webinar will introduce.  The panel will focus particularly on models with impact on rural areas highly affected by a large migration to towns and other countries and agricultural value chains. "