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Signal Group Ltd develops and manufactures gas analysers for the professional testing of VOCs, vehicle and engine emissions, tobacco smoke, impurities in special gases, power station emissions, catalyst efficiency, and boiler/burner combustion emissions. 

We offer service and maintenance contracts with complete customer support and often offer back up instrumentation in the event of failure.

Other services provides include system audits and linearity checks using high stability analysers and traceable gas standard.

We can supply the following products and services
CEMS - Carbon DioxideCEMS - Carbon MonoxideCEMS - MethaneCEMS - Nitrogen DioxideCEMS - Nitrogen OxideCEMS - Nitrous OxideCEMS - Oxides of Nitrogen NOXCEMS - OxygenCEMS - Portable Methane Gas AnalysersCEMS - Sulphur DioxideCEMS - TOCGas Sampling and Conditioning - Heated Sample LinesGas Sampling and Conditioning - ProbesGas Sampling and Conditioning - Sample Conditioning SystemsMethane MonitoringVOC in Air

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