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At Olicem, we have specialised in emissions monitoring and reporting using European standards such as EN 14181 and EN 17255. We produce DAHS systems for emission reporting accordingly to the directives for Large Combustion Plants (LCP), Industrial Emission Directive (IED) and for Waste Incineration Directive (WID).

Our MCERTS certified solution ReportLoq is currently present in 14 countries with +40 installations.

We strive to support and consult our customers all the way regardless of country and local legislation. ReportLoq is a safe and user friendly solution and can be applied for one ore multiple stacks.

We have a solution for your needs regardless of your requirements for accessibility and IT-security. ReportLoq can be setup as a stand-alone product, or a cloud enabled enterprise solution with easy and uniform access for group management with a great overview of all emission data across plants and countries with different local legislations, demands etc.

Want to see how your emissions reporting system can easily be upgraded from an old offline desktop system to a cloud enabled overview that is guaranteed to work according to EN17255? Take a look at www.reportloq.com!

We can supply the following products and services
CEMS - Data Acquisition, Transfer, Analysis, ReportingCEMS - Environmental ReportingCEMS - Handling Software (DAHS)CEMS - Remote Monitoring Software

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