Picarro has been the preferred analyzer for GHG research since 2005, and has grown to the mature ISO9001:2015 certified organization that serves industry customers worldwide with regional offices in the US, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy, South Korea and China. Our flagship technology allows cost-effective and ultra-precise measurements of various gases for Stack Testing, CEMS, Process, and Ambient Gas Measurements, without chromatographic separation or pre-concentration. Our analyzers allow detection at up to 10Hz, with lower limits in the ppb –ppt range. Thanks to the intrinsic quality of CRDS and patented wavelength monitor, our analyzers are straightforward to use with infrequent calibrations and no consumables. Picarro gas analyzers have proven to be cost-effective, versatile, and powerful analytical instruments for ambient air and source emissions testing. We offer remote support in all regions, with local support through our extensive network of full-service certified dealers. For more information, visit www.picarro.com.

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Ambient Air MonitoringCEMS - Carbon DioxideCEMS - Environmental ReportingCEMS - HCL/HFCEMS - MethaneCEMS - Nitrous OxideCEMS - OxygenCEMS - Portable Landfill Gas AnalysersCEMS - Portable Methane Gas AnalysersCEMS - Surface Emissions MonitoringCEMS - TOCCEMS - VOC SpeciationContinuous Effluent Quality Monitoring SystemsManual Sampling - HCL/HFManual Sampling - VOC SpeciationMethane MonitoringOdour Monitoring / ConsultingVOC in Air

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