MicroFARM package includes a pre-configured and tested Micro iMETOS device that connects to a low cost LoRaWAN or NB-IoT network. Designed to monitor temperature, precipitation and relative humidity, it can be expanded with additional sensors including soil moisture and temperature probes. All data including a localized forecast is accessed through your mobile device or desktop computer. Per year (36-month term) $1,200.00 Capabilities: • Precipitation • Temperature • Relative humidity • Leaf wetness • Soil temperature • Barometric pressure • Crop modeling (single crop) • Soil probe compatible Subscription includes: • All required hardware • FieldClimate dashboard (website and app) • Alerts • Professional site specific forecasting • Work planning tool package (e.g. Forecasted Spray Index) • Online user training • Data sharing options • Data exportation to other management systems
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