FieldPRO package includes METOS Canada’s durable and dependable ECO D3 station with the option to connect to a soil probe or additional sensors. Temperature, precipitation, and relative humidity plus your site-specific precision forecast can be monitored off your mobile device or desktop. Per year (36-month term) $1,850.00 Capabilities: • Precipitation • Temperature • Relative humidity • Ultrasonic wind speed • Ultrasonic wind direction Subscription includes: • All required hardware • Hardware guarantee • Cellular connectivity • FieldClimate dashboard (website and app) • Professional site specific forecasting Choose a soil probe with interface¥ to suit your needs: • Aquacheck 60 cm (moisture): $300 per year • Aquacheck 120 cm (moisture): $465 per year • Sentek Tri-Scan 60 cm (moisture, temperature, salinity): $450 per year • Sentek Tri-Scan 120 cm (moisture, temperature, salinity): $600 per year •
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