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To protect drivers and reassure passengers following the Coronavirus pandemic, more and more fleet operators are turning to air-filtration technology from AirLabs, the market leader in the delivery of smart air-filtration devices that remove more than 98% of airborne viruses, including Coronavirus. 

Thanks to a unique, patented design based on the latest HEPA filters,  AirLabs devices enable fleet operators to meet CDC guidelines, and provide employees and customers with peace of mind as they board the vehicle. In addition, they remove more than 95% of air pollution while filling the area around drivers and passengers with more than 37,000 liters of clean air every hour.  

Used extensively in the US, Europe, England and Scotland, these cost-effective, compact devices are simple to deploy in most bus and coach settings. This modular ‘plug and play’ approach makes them highly attractive to bus fleet operators who want to avoid expensive and time consuming ‘retro fitting’ of existing ventilation systems. 

As an AirLabs channel partner, our products offer you a significant opportunity to grow your revenues in the US market for in-vehicle air-filtration devices:

  • Gain a share of the US in-vehicle market valued at more than $500m, which includes government funding for air-filtration systems. 
  • Give fleet operators a quick and convenient way of addressing driver health and safety concerns. 
  • Enable fleet operators to send a strong well-being message to passengers including during flu and allergy seasons. 
  • ‘Plug and play’ installation makes testing quick and affordable, followed by rapid fleet-wide deployment. 
  • Generate revenue in other vehicle sectors: AirLabs devices can be used in trains, metros, taxis and private vehicles, as well as buses and coaches.

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