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Living, working and travelling in the new normal is becoming a reality. Nobody would have thought that the requirements for “taking the bus” could change so dramatically within such a short amount of time.

We will help to make travelling feel safe again. With our additions to the Eberspaecher Thermal Management solutions, we provide the safe environment that your customers, vehicle

operator and maintenance personnel require.

Thermal management expert Eberspaecher strives to improve air quality in public transport and coach travel. To make travelling by bus and coach safer, Eberspaecher has developed a three-step-solution to provide clean air inside buses: Particulate Filters and the Polarised Media Electronic Air Cleaner in the bus AC system capture contaminated water droplets.

UV-C LED modules are an ideal solution to inactivate viruses and thus, complete air

purification. With these solutions, Eberspaecher provides a safer environment not only for

passengers, but also for vehicle operators and maintenance personnel.

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