Serene & Serene Colour


The new DESSO ® Serene and Serene Colour collections from Tarkett offer a soft and comforting antidote to the fast-paced world around us. Designed specifically to apply a much-needed human touch to workplace interiors, the subtle pattern of DESSO Serene and Serene Colour takes creative cues from the serenity of watercolour paintings. Available in a rich palette of 9 neutral tones, Serene scales from cool, calming shades to warm and friendly hues. Part of the ‘More Than Human’ collection, Serene appeals to the senses, with each of its unique components embodying tactility, and most importantly, offering adaptability. Complementing the organic nature of Serene, Tarkett’s DESSO Serene Colour collection allows for complete design flexibility. Comprising 8 accent tones, designers can opt for a more understated scheme, made up of pared back shades, or choose to inject vibrancy through a seamless evolution from Serene to Serene Colour. The Serene Colour designs are not solid but feature an ombre-like colour transition that matches one side perfectly with a neutral design from the Serene collection. This allows for colour to be built as desired, and ensures a connecting fluidity between individual interior spaces. Serene and Serene Colour come assured with a simple, random installation process and each can be combined with other complementary Tarkett products. In addition to their vast aesthetic appeal, both carpet tile collections provide a truly sustainable solution. They are 100% recyclable and Cradle to Cradle ® Silver Level certified, made from 100% regenerated ECONYL ® yarn. The tiles also come with EcoBase ® backing as standard, which contains an average of 80% upcycled chalk* sourced from local water providers. With our Tarkett Human-Conscious Design™ approach we continue to lead the way to healthier indoor spaces.
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