Silestone Integrity Sinks


The Silestone Integrity sinks boast all the characteristics of Silestone® that make it a reference product on the market: high scratch resistance, durability and the highest performance in terms of design. No joins. No limits. Integrity gives you the sensation of unity, of perfect integration with the rest of the elements of your worktop. A single piece designed in all the Silestone colours to get a infinite kitchen. Available in a number of designs including Integrity Due in sizes; S/L/XL, Integrity Q and Integrity One. INTEGRITY DUE Versatile, elegant and easy to match the size and style of any kitchen. S - 37x32x15.5 cm L - 37x51x15.5 cm XL - 43.5x6721 cm INTEGRITY Q With their clean straight lines, they are the perfect choice for modern and minimalist kitchens. Formats - 41x51x17.5 cm INTEGRITY ONE This one piece single-bowl sink with curved outline helps to create a minimalist atmosphere. Formats - 41x51x15.5 cm *More information about this collection can be found in our 'Silestone Integrity Sink' brochure which is available to download through the Bspoke Platform.
Product type
Decorative surface material