Dekton Avant Garde Collection


The Avant-Garde Collection brings together texture of great colour richness that multiply the possibilities of the most vanguard projects. The proposed colours create an ideal set for the luxury spaces where design is the real protagonist. This collection has been specifically designed for architects and designers who dare to take their creations a step further. HELENA Featuring a translucent appearance of white and grey hues, this colour way is inspired by onyx natural stone. It is an ideal colour for decoration and construction of objects and luxury spaces; a design highly appreciated by designers and architects for its great beauty and brilliance. KHALO Khalo is inspired by Patagonia Natural Stone, one of the most appreciated granites worldwide for its genuine formation and colours. The subtle spots of black, pale gold and coffee brown compose the innovative hue. Thanks to the polished finish with Dekton XGloss technology, the colour way achieves a spectacular shine and depth boosting its complex and colourful structure. LAURENT Inspired by the natural stone Port Laurent, the striking colour way features a dramatic dark brown background crisscrossed with veins of gold. The golden veins harmonise the space and bring warmth to a cold background of dark tones ideal for the most luxurious environments. *More information about this collection can be found in our 'The Collection' brochure which is available to download through the Bspoke Platform.
Product type
Decorative surface material