Silestone Loft Collection


5 DISTRICTS. 5 WAYS OF LIVING WORLDWIDE. We're taking you on a journey between the architectural and the sensory, a journey to the heart of urban style guided by Loft; a new colour series which embodies the character and essence of five iconic towns. The journey begins in England, in the bustling city of Camden, London. Making the most of Europe, we can then enjoy the wonderful colours in the Mediterranean light at PobleNou. Leaving Europe behind, we head for New York. There, we walk through Seaport; a place full of colour and marine efflorescence, leading us to the island of Manhattan until we reach the daring and sophisticated Nolita. Our chromatic and sensorial journey ends in Detroit, in the ever elegant and characteristic Corktown. Silestone’s five new colours are inspired by concrete, a material capable of evoking emotions through its textures, finishes and shades, thus creating a new relationship between people and objects. A new soulful identity has been born from an original material. *More information can be found in our 'Loft Trend Guide' brochure which is available to download through the Bspoke Platform.
Product type
Decorative surface material
New products
Launched within 6 months