Dekton by Cosentino Selected for the Exterior Façade of Redeveloped Vantage Point Archway Tower


The ultra-compact surface, Dekton® by Cosentino has been selected for use for the Vantage Point Archway Tower redevelopment project in London. The tower is a 17 storey building which is located immediately above Archway underground tube station and was originally completed in 1963. The building was initially clad with glazing, spandrel and precast concrete panels and was used as an office building. Redevelopment of the building by developers Essential Living in collaboration with Grid Architects to create private rental apartments involved internal refurbishment and over-cladding of the existing façade with an overall estimated value of £30 million. There are a number of locally listed buildings in the surrounding area, therefore the selection of an appropriate material that could economically meet all the requirements of construction and also blend with the heritage surroundings was important. Dekton® Danae finish was selected as it provided all the features, characteristics and finish that was needed on this scheme. In addition to its aesthetic value, Dekton® offers high resistance to ultraviolet rays, frost and thawing, as well as colour stability and high stain resistance, which results in it being an ideal material for use on exterior façades. The design of the Dekton® cladding panels on the main elevations follows a regular grid of openings. They have a vertical emphasis above the 2nd floor with the vertically proportioned bays running across; this has significantly enhanced the look of the old tower and has given a distinctive appearance, symbolising regeneration of the wider area. Dekton® differentiates the building elements from the main elevations and has helped to express the structural form of the Tower. The re-cladding has improved the quality of the tower’s design and facilitated the reuse of the building for residential use whilst not disturbing the look and feel of the area.