LumiPod, France


Lumicene established in France, has created a veritable cocoon measuring 26 square meter that is installed right in the heart of nature. The company didn’t have to make any sacrifices when it came to the origin and quality of the materials in order to meet the criteria for luxury hotel accommodation. So it was the merits and quality of Mosa tiles that spurred Lumicene to use them to cover LumiPod- bathrooms. 'LumiPod is a cocoon that’s placed right in the middle of nature. It was designed to blend seamlessly into the landscape. Naturally, we paid particular attention to the materials used, and the capacity to recycle these materials one day. So we were won over by the Cradle to Cradle approach developed by Mosa', says Clément Salvaire, Managing Director of Lumicene. Although the LumiPod is placed in natural settings, amid mountains or forests, the company wanted it to have all of the features of luxury hotel accommodation, which explains why it took so much care in choosing the raw materials used. For the bathroom, Lumicene chose mosaic tiles, as these small tiles are easier to work with on curved walls. To match the 'interior of the bedrooms, which feature natural shades with simple and raw materials, Lumicene chose to work with tiling product Core Collection Terra 216 mosaics square (30 by 30 centimeter) on the walls and Core Collection Terra 216 relief R11/C (60 by 60 centimeter) on the floor. Mosaic tiles in different shades of grey create a warm ambience in the bathroom. Read more here: