Dental Surgery, Berlin


This project earned Berlin based Studio Karhard a 2019 FRAME design award for 'Healthcare Centre of the Year'. Studio Karhard were invited to design the offices for a Berlin dental practice. Located at a very busy intersection near the tram street and S-Bahn Metro, they thought it logical to dub the practice, 'The Urban Dentist'. Conceptually they wanted everything to be focused on the individual experience so they based the scheme around a concept store or a cocktail bar rather than a traditional dental surgery. Marmoreal was used strategically throughout the reception and surgery rooms to bring some colour and uplifting spirit. The uniquely faceted reception counter was made using 2cm thick black Marmoreal slabs. The private surgery rooms are defined by custom, brass framed, pink powder linoleum and worktops made from our classic Marmoreal, white slabs.