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“Arpa drives innovation in interior design, working hand-in-hand with its partners to create excellent sustainable Made-in-Italy solutions”.

Arpa Industriale, since 1954, manufactures and sells made-in-Italy high quality surface materials for interior design. Major applications are kitchen, furniture, shop fittings and other interior surfaces. It is headquartered in Bra, Italy. In 2013, Arpa introduced FENIX, an innovative material with an acrylic surface for interior use, with superior aesthetics and functionality.

More than 60 years of experience in creating the perfect laminate combination between decor, colour, design and texture. Arpa invests in research and technology to create a sustainable and premium product, made in Italy.

Arpa is more than regular laminates and smart surfaces. Arpa designs and produces solutions that make any environment or piece of furniture original and creative. 


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