Vintage Japanese textiles


Boro Boro was born out of a lifelong love of Japanese textiles and kimono. In Japanese, the phrase “boro boro” literally refers to something that is tattered, worn out, and falling apart. There is a type of textile known as “boro,” which usually refers to cotton textiles, often indigo, that have been repaired, stitched, and patched many times over the course of their lives. Boro pieces were often garments or home goods owned by farmers and rural families which were passed down over generations, gaining more layers and detail as they were handed down from person to person. The word “boro” can have some negative connotations, as some would see these textiles as worn out and no longer useful or a sad reminder of less affluent times, but we believe there is a unique beauty and practicality to them. In our eyes, the amount of work and detail involved in the creation of these materials make them just as beautiful, if not more, than any newly made textile. Boro Boro was founded on this idea of appreciating that which is old and giving vintage items that others might discard a new life. Most of the textiles we carry are no longer in production or are vintage pieces that were handed down through generations, and we are thrilled to be able to give them a second life so that they can continue to be used and loved. One of our popular items is our vintage scrap and remnant packs, where we curate, hand wash, and press an assortment of small pieces of vintage and antique Japanese cloth and package them ready to go for your next crafting project! Its a great way to give your project character and history as well as an eco friendly way to repurpose fabric that might otherwise go to waste. To see what's in the shop currently, visit our site at to shop our collection We'd love to offer a 10% discount to all BTD participants thru August 1st! Please use the code TAIKO at checkout.