Exadon – Taiko and its Limitless Possibilities



This webinar aims to share concepts of the “Exadon ” program, coined by Kodo , findings from studies conducted through this program to date, and current thoughts on taiko and its effects on people from both a professional taiko ensemble and medical professionals’ perspective.

Workshop Content:

During this webinar, we will explain the basic elements of the Exadon program and our findings to date. This includes exploring how taiko is more than a musical instrument as we touch on why taiko has been a part of people’s lives in Japan for decades. With “Loneliness” being recognized as one of the major issues faced in society today, and especially within Japan, this webinar will explore the possibilities of using taiko as a part of “cure” or “social prescription.” How can taiko be a vehicle for connecting people, building communities, and creating feelings of unity? By drawing on similarities to what Kodo has held in its values over its years as an ensemble, we’ll touch on the concepts that Exadon keeps at its core.

At the end of this session, we will host an attendee Q&A, at which time we would also love to hear other personal experiences and opinions from those who have been using taiko for a similar purpose (such as improving well-being)!

Some material that might be interesting to watch before the seminar!  

Target Audience
Attendees with any level of experience in this topic are welcome to attend.
A recording of this webinar will be available indefinitely following the live event.