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Launched in 2014 as a US branch of Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten, kaDON  is the world’s premier subscription-based online taiko and fue learning platform with a continuously growing library. Our instructional and repertoire courses are taught by the world's most respected taiko artists including Kenny Endo, Shoji Kameda, Kaoru Watanabe, Shogo Yoshii, PJ Hirabayashi, Kaoly Asano (GOCOO) and Leonard Eto. We've also been adding courses taught by instructors at Miyamoto's HIBIKUS Taiko Schools in Japan that includes former Kodo members Katsuji Kondo, Tsuyoshi Maeda, Maya Minowa and Masaru Tsuji.

kaDON's online store  features bachi, taiko, auxiliaries, tabi and much more as we have access to Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten's entire catalog. kaDON serves as the international liaison to Miyamoto's 160+ years of legendary craftsmanship, and taiko players have access to kaDON TaikoPay  - a program that offers opportunities for taiko players to own their own taiko through a zero-interest recurring payment plan. 

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