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Good communication between dentist and patient is vital to an individual’s oral health. Common sense tells us that if a person understands they are less likely to worry about their treatment. So back up the spoken advice with a written leaflet. This way the patient can digest the information at their leisure, and can refer back to it should they forget any of the details. Patients forget up to 80% of the information given and don’t always ask the right questions. Save valuable time during consultation and ensure patients have the correct information for informed consent Dental practices across the UK get this message. The Foundation provides this oral health information to read online in 10 languages and the English version is available to purchase in print. With over 50 titles, information for patients are available in a range of topics which include ‘Gum disease’, ‘Root canal treatment’, and ‘What to do following an extraction’. All leaflets are written by dental experts and are checked by the Word Centre for Plain English. For further information and products which might help dentist-patient communication, please go to or call 01788 539793
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