GC - G2 Bond Universal


The Dual H-Technology of G2-BOND universal enables the advanced optimisation of bonding both to tooth and composite by the smooth transition from hydrophilic to hydrophobic characteristics. The remarkably hydrophobic bond layer, thanks to the HEMA-free composition, lowers the occurrence of water sorption which decreases the risk of degradation and leads to superior durability and unmatched results. Its strong and durable bond layer ensures an improved margin stability, resulting in margins in anterior restorations to remain invisible contributing to the product's significantly reduced discolouration over time. Additionally, the optimal thickness of G2-BOND Universal is an all-round world-class adhesive, giving clinicians the convenience of choice between self-etch and etch-and- rinse in one system. The versatility of this product extends to its efficacy across multiple indications such as direct restorations, Immediate Dentine Sealing (IDS), Intra-oral repair, treating hypersensitivity, the luting of indirect restorations and more.
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Buy a G2-Bond Universal Bottle Kit, which includes 1 x 1 Primer 5ml, 1 x 2 Bond 5ml - order no 10006819 - and get 2 x syringes of G-ænial Universal Injectable FOC