Polydentia Unica Anterior Intro Kit


Unica is the simple and ideal matrix for anterior restorations such as class III, IV, V, direct stratification composite veneers, and shape modifications. The placement wings allow fast and efficient matrix placement. Unica, thanks to its countoured shape, adapts correctly to the different morphologies of anterior teeth and makes it possible to restore interproximal and cervical margins at once, even in the presence of rubber-dam or gingival retraction cords, thus reducing chair-time significantly. Furthermore, Unica anterior matrix, once positioned, allows to easily visualise the final shape of the restoration. - Contoured profile for an anatomic restoration of the interproximal margins - Easy management of the cervical area: predictable restoration and/or gingival retraction - Placement wings for ease of positioning and matrix adaptation - Restoration of both interproximal and cervical margins at once https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPCvqqgWGzs Kit contains: 35 x Unica anterior matrices 40 x myWedge XS 40 x myWedge S 40 x myWedge M 1 x myCustom Resin, 3 ml syringe 7 x needle tips gauge 18 form myCustom Resin 1 x myQuickmatrix Forceps POL6900 Unica Anterior Intro Kit