Polydentia myClip 2.0


All in one sectional matrix ring with integrated forceps. All-in-one sectional matrix ring with short handles that act as forceps. There is no need for special placing tools as myClip 2.0 can be easily positioned with your fingers. myClip 2.0 features an optimal separation force that allows the creation of excellent contact points in the restoration of Class II cavities. Thanks to the ring’s high-tech plastic extremities (myTines Small, Medium and Large), myClip 2.0 adapts to both teeth with different crown heights and wide cavity preparations. In case of dissimilar tooth morphologies, the autoclavable myTines can be used in combination to enhance the matrix adaptation to the proximal walls and consequently reduce the need for finishing steps. Dental care professionals using myClip 2.0 benefit from the long lifetime of the premium-quality stainless steel ring as the extremities can be replaced should they present signs of wear and tear. - Optimal separation force - Premium-quality stainless steel - Quick, easy, one-hand ring positioning - Replaceable, interchangeable and autoclavable plastic extremities https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PENYvKvGyc Kit includes: 1 x myClip 2.0, 1 pair myTines Small, 1 pair myTines Medium, 1 pair myTines Large. This kit also includes restorative trial set: 5 x LumiContrast Sectional Matrices, Premolar 0.04mm / 5mm, 5 x LumiContrast Sectional Matrices, Molar 0.04mm / 6.4mm, 10 x Pinky Wood Wedges, 11mm (XS), 10 x Wood Wedges, 12mm (S) POL6305 Polydentia myClip 2.0