Blue®M Evolution in Oral Care


Benefits of Blue®M • Prevents and treats periodontitis and peri-implantitis. • Normalises and controls the harmful bacteria on teeth, gums and dental implants. • Prevents receding gums. • Choice of toothpaste with or without fluoride. • PH neutral and non-abrasive. What is special about Blue®M? Blue®M's unique formula has helped countless people with the healing process of oral health problems. As well as acting as a preventative solution for the upkeep of a healthy mouth. The secret is the active oxygen content in Blue®M. Focusing on the powerful benefits oxygen possesses within the healing process, Dr Peter Blijdorp and his team created the unique formula. The Benefits of Active Oxygen in wound healing Wound healing requires a variety of cells to increase their metabolic activity, resulting in a high oxygen demand. Oxygen at the wound site has been shown to promote wound healing by stimulating several processes with the following results: • Increases Cell Metabolism and Energy Production • Increases Rate of Cell Proliferation and Re-epithelialization • Increases Collagen Synthesis and Tensile Strength • Increases Anti-bacterial Activities • Increases Angiogenesis and Promotes Revascularization • Promotes Growth Factor Signaling Transduction Blue®M can provide the oxygen necessary to allow these processes to proceed effectively. Blue®M accelerates wound healing, implant integration and bone regeneration in a safe, effective and non-invasive way. • Oxygen is released within 30 seconds and penetrates approx. 0.5 cm into tissues. • Effective on all micro-organisms. • Unlike antibiotics, no immune resistance is developed. • No side effects known. • No toxic ingredients. • Unlike chlorhexidine, Blue®M only kills bad bacteria (anaerobic) not the good bacteria. • Quick and easy to apply. • Simple concept. • Low cost treatment.
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